Addressing Violence Against Women in Muslim Countries

ILSP Director Kristen Stilt will moderate a panel discussion on “Addressing Violence against Women in Muslim Countries.” Panelists include Salman Sufi (Advisor to Chief Minister & Senior Member, Law and Order, Punjab, Pakistan); Jacqueline Bhabha (Professor of Practice of Health and Human Rights, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health); Merissa Khurma (MC/MPA, Mason Fellow 2016, Communication & Gender Advisor, Jordan); Rihab Elhaj (MC/MPA, Mason Fellow 2016, Leadership Coach & Policy Analyst, Libya); and Aisha Mukhtar (MC/MPA, Mason Fellow 2016, Gender & Development Practitioner, Pakistan.

The panel discussion will highlight the prevalence and causes of violence against women in Pakistan, Libya and Jordan, with focus on the role of culture and religion, and institutional responses to violence against women.


This event is co-sponsored by the Harvard Pakistan Student Group, the Pakistan Caucus (Harvard Kennedy School), the Women And Public Policy Program (Harvard Kennedy School), and the Islamic Legal Studies Program (Harvard Law School).