American Empire and the Muslim Experience

The Harvard Muslim Law Students Association holds its first annual symposium examining how US laws and policies, deployed both domestically and abroad, shape the American Muslim experience. The goal of the symposium is to explore how laws and policies embedded in the US and international legal systems contribute to and sustain anti-Muslim violence at home and abroad. The symposium will feature four panels examining issues such as: intersections between the policing of Black and Muslim communities; international law and US foreign policy; and First Amendment concerns raised by government counter-extremism programs and the material support statute. Panelists will include Professors Intisar Rabb, Samuel Rascoff, Aziz Rana, Naz Modirzadeh and many others, including ACLU Counsel Carl Williams and ACLU Board Member Shannon Erwin.

ILSP Director Intisar Rabb will participate in the panel “Do Government Counter-Extremism Programs Violate the First Amendment?” on Friday, April 1.

For details on the various panels and participants, click here.

Sponsored by the Harvard Muslim Law Students Association and the Harvard Law Dean of Students Office Grant Fund.