Contextualizing #MeToo in the Global South

Despite the groundbreaking achievements of the #MeToo movement, the fact is that too many women are still unheard.

An intersectional approach to feminism necessarily leads to questions about what the #MeToo movement means for women from the Global South. It is clear that African American women, women in Latin-America, Africa, Asia, or the Middle East, have experienced the #MeToo phenomenon very differently. To understand the magnitude of this experience, we must take into account their points of view. The event aims to look at diverse women’s experiences that are frequently excluded from the mainstream conversation.

Hala Aldosari, Durba Mitra, and Jimena Reyes, discuss the benefits, comparative costs, and trade-offs of the #MeToo movement for women in the Global South.

Co-sponsored by the Harvard Women’s Law Association, and the Islamic Legal Studies Program: Law and Social Change.