Diasporic Counterpublics: Multiplicities, Challenges, and Trajectories of Iranian Asylum Seekers in Turkey

In the first event in the ILSP: Law and Social Change Visiting Fellows Workshop Series, Navid Fozi will present the introductory chapter of his manuscript based on two years of field research among Iranian transit asylum seekers in Turkey. Pursuing a permanent resettlement mostly in North America, they counter the privileged Iranian public that consists of the Persian speaking Shiʿa who abide by the authority of the Supreme Religious Leader and subscribe to the principles of heteronormativity – including those who would not openly challenge this regnant hierarchy. The Iranian counterpublics are consequently composed of precluded sociocultural categories, namely ethno/religious groups and converts, sexual and gender minorities, as well as political dissidents.

Discussant: Houchang Chehabi (Professor of International Relations and History, Boston University)

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