First Annual ILSP Writing Prize on Islamic Law Awarded

This year, ILSP established the Islamic Legal Studies Program Writing Prize on Islamic Law, an annual prize of $1,000, to be given to the Harvard Law School student writing the best paper in the field of Islamic law or on the intersection between other religious legal traditions and Islamic law. This year’s winner is Marzieh Tofighi Darian (LLM ’15), for her paper, “Jurisprudential Differences in Sunnī Law and Shī’ī Law and Their Impact on Constitutional Drafting and Design.” The competition was stiff, with many excellent submissions. We would also like give honorable mention to Akhila Kolisetty (JD ’15) for her paper, “Victims, Not Perpetrators: Legal Reform and Constitutionality of Zina and Rape Law in Pakistan,” and to Robert Taj Moore (JD ’15) for “Islamic Law, Settlement, and Minority Protection.”