HLS Lambda Conference

HLS Lambda’s LGBTQ Advocacy Conference, “Incomplete Justice: The Ongoing Struggle for LGBTQ Equality in Our Local Communities,” will include a panel on “Battling Homophobia in the Muslim Community.”

Omair Paul, UN Representative for Muslims for Progressive Values, will discuss how certain fundamental and mainstream strains of Islam are bastardized and instrumentalized to justify discrimination and incite hatred and violence against sexual and gender non-conforming individuals and demographics. Paul will provide some critical analysis of Quranic scripture, including historical analysis of hadith, to flesh out the latticework upon which we may debunk discriminatory interpretations of the Quran and advocate for transformative narratives. The presentation will also include discussion of current faith-based advocacy initiatives, programs, and partnerships inclusive of sexual and gender non-conforming individuals at both the policy and grassroots levels.

The panel will be moderated by Professor Kristen Stilt, Faculty Director for ILSP: Law and Social Change.