ILSP Directors to Speak at Library of Congress

ILSP Directors Intisar Rabb and Kristen Stilt will participate in a panel discussion “Perspectives on Reform of Islamic Law” at the Law Library of Congress on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. The aim of the program will be to explore perspectives on and new avenues of reform in Islamic law.

The discussion will focus on reform within the framework of Islamic jurisprudence itself—as opposed to purely secular reform processes. Speakers will address the perceived notion of Islamic law as being immutable or monolithic as opposed to being subject to change or evolving interpretations. Speakers may emphasize the challenges, limitations, and possibilities of reform more broadly in the context of Shari’a, the state, and constitutionalism in the modern Muslim world. Panelists may focus on the prospects for success within a particular area of Islamic law (i.e., family law), in light of constitutional principles and human rights.