ILSP Visiting Fellow Presents at MEBB Workshop

Dörthe Engelcke, ILSP Visiting Fellow, will present “Reforming Contested Issues of Islamic Family Law: Morocco and Jordan Compared” at the Middle East Beyond Borders Graduate Student Workshop. Engelcke’s paper surveys a range of contested issues that were debated prior to the issuing of the 2004 Moroccan and the 2010 Jordanian family code, and the various legal suggestions made by state actors, secular feminists, as well as Islamists.

For information about attending this session of the MEBB workshop series, please contact Bethany Kibler ([email protected]).

“The Middle East Beyond Borders” aims to foster an interdisciplinary community of scholars whose research and diverse expertise will help generate new methods, language and frameworks through which to engage the past and present of the region, ongoing developments and their global repercussions.