Mohamed Salmawy on Animal Welfare

ILSP Co-Director Kristen Stilt met with the Spokesperson of the Egyptian Constitutional Drafting Commission, journalist and author Mohamed Salmawy, to discuss why the new Egyptian constitution includes a state commitment to animal welfare. Mr. Salmawy dedicated his weekly column in al-Masry al-Youm to their meeting, and explained to his readers that his interest in including a provision on animal welfare was not inspired by the few other countries that have similar provisions, like Germany, Switzerland, and India. Rather, a commitment to animal welfare has deep roots in the Islamic tradition, and this was his point of reference.   He went on to note the important point that in reality abuses against animals take place in Egypt. He also asserted that protecting animals from cruelty is important because it is impossible to prevent violence against humans while allowing it against animals.

Read the whole story in Arabic here.