On Anarchy and Government: The Arab Fall in Libya

Ali MihirigDr. Ali Mihirig, former Libyan Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, will speak about Libya’s political transition and constitutional challenges post-revolution and its volatile path to democracy.

Dr. Ali Mihirig is a Libyan-Canadian professional engineer and holds a PhD from the University of British Columbia. He is the president of AM Power Systems Inc. and specializes in energy and electrical power distribution. Since 1981, Dr. Mihirig has been a Gaddafi dissident and resided in Canada, where he was outspoken against the Libyan dictatorial regime and published numerous articles calling for democracy and the rule of law.

Dr. Mihirig returned to Libya after the toppling of Gaddafi and was appointed Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy in the Libyan Transitional Government from 2012-2014. During that time, he was also appointed as the Chairman of the Ministerial Committee where he played a vital role in negotiating the disarmament of rebel and militia fighters. Dr. Mihirig is well respected and of good standing in Libya and within the international community for his commitment to bringing stability in Libya.

Prof. Intisar Rabb will introduce the speaker, and Prof. Noah Feldman will moderate the discussion.

This event is co-sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program