Contextualizing #MeToo in the Global South

Despite the groundbreaking achievements of the #MeToo movement, the fact is that too many women are still unheard. An intersectional approach to feminism necessarily leads to questions about what the #MeToo movement means for women from the Global South. The event looks at diverse women’s experiences that are frequently excluded from the mainstream conversation.

Jerusalem after Trump: Consequences and Implications

In this event, Aaron David Miller and Noura Erakat will engage in a conversation on the consequences and implications of Trump’s decision from a number of different angles, taking into consideration questions of international law, regional stability and security, prospects for sustainable peace, as well as the status and rights of Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Noah Feldman will moderate.

LGBTQ Rights in the Arab World: Dismantling Oppressive Structures

This panel will examine the cultural and sociopolitical origins and dynamics of homophobia and transphobia in the Arab world and engage in an open and honest conversation about what queer liberation would look like in this complex region. Panelists will draw on their own experiences as activists and debate solutions to dismantle the existing structures of oppression in a number of contexts, including Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and Palestine. This event is open to Harvard Law School affiliates only.


Addressing Violence Against Women in Muslim Countries

ILSP Director Kristen Stilt will moderate a panel discussion on “Addressing Violence against Women in Muslim Countries.” Panelists include Salman Sufi, Jacqueline Bhabha, Rihab Elhaj, and Aisha Mukhtar. Sufi was one of the drafters and defenders of the Punjab Women Protection Act and has also been one of the few male champions for gender equality. The discussion will highlight the prevalence and causes of violence against women in Pakistan, Libya and Jordan, with focus on the role of culture and religion, and institutional responses to violence against women.