Turkey and the Syrian Refugee Crisis: Responses and Perspectives

Since 2011, Turkey has received more than three million Syrian refugees, the largest community of Syrians displaced by the conflict. This has had significant economic, political, security, social, and foreign policy challenges for Turkey. This talk by Dr. Zulfukar Aytac Kisman (Firat University) will focus on the Syrian refugee crisis from Turkey’s perspective and analyze the Turkish response to the crisis, policies developed, and the need for more rigorous planning. Kisman will focus on Turkey’s internal dynamics and potential conflict points that will likely continue to shape Turkey’s refugee policy and discuss options going forward.

Aytac Kisman is an Assistant Professor at Firat University, Turkey. His research focuses on Turkish-American relations in crisis periods such as political or economic crisis. Kisman is currently a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, where he is studying the effects of the Syrian Crisis on Turkish-American relations. His other professional interests include foreign trade, Turkish foreign policy, and Turkey-EU relations.

This event is co-sponsored by the Human Rights Program and the Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program at Harvard Law School.