What Islam, Whose Islam? The Struggle for Women’s Right to Equality and Justice in Muslim Contexts

Masawah Poster_FinalPlease join us for a talk by Zainah Anwar, of Musawah, who will speak on the challenges faced by women’s groups living in Muslim contexts and their struggle to reform laws and practices made in the name of Islam that discriminate against women. She will share the initiatives of activists and scholars who are engaged in the production of new feminist and rights-based knowledge in Islam, and their efforts at creating a public voice at the national and international levels, pushing for the possibility and necessity of reform to uphold the principles of equality and justice.

Anwar is co-founder and director of Musawah, a movement founded by activists from 47 different Muslim majority countries to push for equality and justice within an Islamic framework. Musawah works to promote a rights-based understanding of Islam and to generate momentum for law reform in Muslim countries through both grassroots activism and engagement with international human rights mechanisms – including CEDAW. Anwar is also a founding member and former executive director of Sisters in Islam, a Malaysian NGO that has been working for the past twenty-five years to advocate for Muslim women’s rights. A scholar of Islamic law, Anwar’s writings focus on feminist alternative interpretations of the Qur’an.

Co-organized by the Human Rights Program and the Islamic Legal Studies Program: Law and Social Change at Harvard Law School.